“The Arts in most, if not all cultures are integral to life where function, creation and learning are intertwined.”

UNESCO, 2017

Daily routines aren’t just mundane tasks, they carry aspects of inspiration that is very much related to The Arts. It is boundless and everywhere. That means within us lies the potential to create in our own unique ways.

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A journey of self-expression through The

Each woman is on a journey of the self and while no two women’s journeys are exactly the same, they each have unique ways to be expressed. MAHILA revolves around the power of encouragement, shattering expectations, and accepting diversity through The Arts. Above all, MAHILA recognises every woman as who she truly is. A woman.


To provide resources and support for women in arts through initiatives with NGOs or relevant organisations to bring meaningful and impactful change.

To develop a mentor-buddy system regardless of age in The Arts to start a culture for expression, creativity and dialogue in communities.

To create a digital learning platform featuring different forms of art for access to everyone regardless of time and place.

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A collection of journeys through The Arts in their own creative and unique way.

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Discover the Artist in You

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Contact Us

For more information about Mahila and find out how you can join the movement, drop us an email at:

Dr. Pravina Manoharan

Catherine Ong


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