British Council | Dream University Contest 2018

We are proud to work on this “Dream University Contest 2018” campaign. First, we are working on video animation as an introduction to the Dream University Campaign. The concept for the video is to create engaging animation video that is showing the participants how easy to enter the contest without displaying too much information on the video.

Second work are creating designs for Google display network, Facebook post, Instagram post, A4 poster, A3 poster, website banner also artwork banner.

Share your university dream with us and win a one-way flight ticket to your dream university in any destination in 2019.

IELTS, being the most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and migration in the world with over 3 million test takers last year, is recognised by more than 10,000 organisations globally, including education institutions, governments, and private sectors. To celebrate the wide acceptance of IELTS test globally, we are launching the Dream University Contest to assist eligible students (contestants) to achieve their dream of studying abroad.

The contest is also a great opportunity for participants to polish their English speaking and presenting skills and develop their confidence in speaking and presenting for their university studies. Prizes will be awarded to successful contestants with outstanding English language, speaking and presenting skills.

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