Target Store Retail Design Wall Graphics: Miami

Target stores are located in strong communities, and the brand uses each location as an opportunity to have a moment that makes the store feel part of the neighborhood. This is a dense suburban store that will have a lot of tourist traffic and is the first of its kind in Miami.

Client: Target
Services: Retail Store Design

This store has a curated assortment of products based on the unique needs of this neighborhood. Target wants the guests to feel that the store has something special that makes it part of their community.

Target wanted to design a mural that contributed to the brand image by creating a fresh, upbeat, energetic, inviting, and most importantly an authentic local moment that connects with the neighborhood and this store’s unique guest mix. This moment should create a sense of discovery, allowing the guest to see new elements in the creative each time they visit the store. By creating this moment(s) Target can keep consistent, on-brand experience while also making it clear that this isn’t the guests’ standard Target store.

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