by: Catherine Ong

I love to travel. One of my favourite places to visit would be Taiwan and my favourite memory was that 5 days that I spent at Wai’Ao, a sleepy town with massive waves and a surfboarding community that was growing.  I had accidentally booked the wrong place so I decided to make the most of it and told myself that I would just spend the next few days taking photos and long strolls down the beach to explore the place.

One of my favourite things to do that time was to climb the rocks near the edge of the shore. They were blackened with the waves constantly smacking on them. I would climb from the edges to reach the top and just sit and gaze into the ocean.

Something caught my eye and I found these small green plants that were nestled in pockets around the rocks. Sometimes, you miss them but as you look around, the sudden burst of green is always a pleasant surprise. They reminded me how resilient plants can be despite the harsh situations around them. Once they take root, they withstand the harsh waves, stormy weather and look so fresh and alive when the sun hits them in the morning.

The plants didn’t do it alone. They take root in the rock knowing the rock can withstand the pressure of the waves. Shelter is given to these plants by the rocks so that they can thrive and survive. 

We need the medics who toil day and night out there desperately saving lives and keeping the disease at bay.

We need the politicians to stop playing their games and for once remember the people they pledged to serve.

We need the scientists and experts to come up with a cure and better solutions to flatten the curve.

We need the global citizens to stay at home and cooperate with the authorities to maintain a social distance.

We need the artists to use their talents and help bring emotional and mental healing to those who are suffering and in fear.

We need businesses to figure out how to deal with the global economic halt that is happening for everyone.

We need the religious to pray and intercede for a world already weighed down with sin, evil and injustice.

We need families and communities to unite and offer strength to the young and old.

Whether you’re a rock offering shelter or that young, green plant that is stubbornly taking root to survive, you need each other.

We need a wakeup call, people.