BJB Better Award 2024

In collaboration with Matelab Studio, Alpha Seed is honored to contribute to the BJB Better Award 2024. This prestigious event celebrates the extraordinary contributions of individuals and teams driving the progress and development of Bank BJB.

Category :

Campaigns, Graphic Design, Social Media, Content Creation, Website Design & Development, Branding

Client :

Bank BJB

Start Date :

April 2024

Our Role

Branding:  Crafting a unique and memorable identity that embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence. Design:  Creating visually stunning and cohesive designs that capture the essence of the awards and resonate with the audience. Visual Concept:  Developing compelling visual narratives that tell the story of achievement and inspire continued excellence. Matelab Studio enhances our efforts by producing high-quality video content, ensuring a seamless and impactful presentation. The BJB Better Award is more than a symbol of recognition; it is a beacon of inspiration, encouraging us all to innovate and excel in every aspect of our work.

Content Creation

Website Design & Development