Jordan Oral Care

Alpha Seed's collaboration with Jordan Oral Care Malaysia epitomizes our expertise in comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Our strategy drove a significant online reach of 1.2 million on Instagram, 650k on Facebook, gaining 2.3k Instagram followers and 6.3k Facebook page likes, showcasing our ability to engage and elevate brands effectively.

Category :

360 Digital Marketing

Client :

Jordan Oral Care Malaysia

Start Date :

December 2022


The main challenge for Alpha Seed was adapting Jordan Oral Care’s global content meant for European and American audiences to suit the preferences of the Asian, Malaysian market. With limited photo and video resources, we had to create new content from scratch. We focused on producing culturally relevant materials, including short TikTok clips and informative product guides. Our efforts paid off with a remarkable 5x increase in social media engagement for Jordan Oral Care and a notable 3x rise in clicks. This demonstrated our ability to craft tailored content and boost brand interaction within a different cultural context.


In 2023, compared to the previous year (2022), our Instagram presence surged to 1.2 million followers, marking a staggering 59.6% increase. Additionally, we experienced a remarkable uptick of 358% in profile visits, reaching an impressive 55,000. On Facebook, our visits soared to 41,000, reflecting a significant growth of 155.6%. Moreover, our total page likes surged to over 6,000, an outstanding 95% increase. 

Instagram Reach in 2023

↑ 59,6%

1.2m (2023) vs 771k (2022)

Facebook Visits 2023

↑ 155,6%

41k(2023) vs 16k (2022)

Instagram Profile Visits 2023

↑ 358%

55k (2023) vs 18k (2022)

Facebook Likes Page

↑ 95%

6k (2023) vs 3.2k (2022)

Content Creation

The Solution

  • Holistic Digital Approach: Alpha Seed managed Jordan Oral Care Malaysia’s digital presence comprehensively, from content creation to professional photography, videography, bespoke website design, and digital advertising campaigns.


  • Strategic Campaign Execution: Our team orchestrated a dynamic digital campaign that resulted in an impressive outreach, reaching 1.2 million users on Instagram and engaging 650,000 users on Facebook.


  • Tangible Growth: Through our strategies, we facilitated a substantial increase of 2.3k followers on Instagram and garnered 6.3k likes on the Facebook page, showcasing significant brand engagement.


  • Engaging Visuals: Alpha Seed’s captivating visuals crafted for social media platforms drove meaningful interactions with followers, reinforcing the brand’s online visibility.


  • Proven Expertise: Our track record demonstrates a commitment to excellence in elevating brand presence and audience engagement through innovative digital marketing strategies encompassing content creation, visuals, website design, and targeted digital advertising campaigns.